Thursday, 31 January 2013

When Alice met Dorothy

When Alice met Dorothy

She looks up and there are garnets

embedded in the sky
Ten rubies in her toenails
A purple egret flying by
Her thoughts are all encased
in rainbow bubbles overhead
And there’s a polar bear in jim-jams
Just lying there in bed
The swan is all benevolence
Upon its silvery pond
And waves its gilded wings at her
As she makes her way along
the winding path of diamonds
All studded in the ground
And she hears the sound of angels
Singing rock songs all around

There sitting eating guava fruit
A marmoset with topaz eyes
And then a turquoise ibex
alarms her when it flies
Five unicorns come prancing
with pearly glistening horns
A badger’s wearing emeralds
But looking quite forlorn

Then a spotted salamander
Blinks an opal lid
and reaches out to shake the hands
Of sequined Sid the squid
A jewel encrusted beehive
drips its golden honey
And Midas-Queen thinks to herself
Ooh, if that were only money!

Then they form a sapphire circle
And do a random, little jig
The clouds have turned to candy floss
And there’s a grunting sugar pig
But no! they’re waving claws and paws
Oink-Oink, tweet-tweet, goodbye
And gone, they all just vanished
In the twinkling of an eye.              

by Meg Marsden ©