Friday, 25 October 2013


Imagine sang John Lennon
Imagine, I thought.
Just imagine if my Edward Hopper was real
Do you know Edward Hopper?
I’m sure you do even if you think you don’t.
American artist – sombre, lonely works with strong colours
And more in them than at first meets the eye
Jack Vettriano would give his eye-teeth to have Hopper’s gift.

But anyway back to the point.
The point being Portland Head by Edward Hopper
And the fact that it’s now on my wall
And it’s signed – well sort of –
‘Edward Hopper’ in the right-hand corner.

It shows a lighthouse.
Right next to that is a New England homestead
With its chestnut-coloured roof
Golden sun-weathered grass all around
Sky, sea, earth’s curve.

Who lives there?  Who lived there?
We went to Portland once.  It’s in Maine.
We saw the lighthouse, the very spot
And now it’s here in our living room.

Perhaps we’re drawn into this painting because of family
They live in New England – Boston, Martha’s Vineyard,
I think of Gay Head and its pinkish lighthouse
And tufty grass.

I think of our much-loved Island of Anglesey as I look at the painting.
Penmon point, Puffin Island, Holyhead lighthouse.
The Hopper on the wall continually drawing me in -
Captivating with those watercolours.

I can’t concentrate on reading my book or watching TV
I paid £15.  Imagine fifteen pounds.  
It’s a print from the charity shop. 
It’s big, very big.  Maybe 3.1/2 feet by 2.1/2 feet
But it looks wonderful.   It looks real.
Imagine if it was.  But would I love it more?
I don't think so.