Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Girls

And when I saw those petals lying there                       
I thought of you with all your
Tumbling hair
A golden child
With wide blue eyes
And skin, your skin, so fair.

And when I saw those petals lying there
I thought of you with shiny, rain-like,
Silken hair
A Latin look
A Celtic child
With almond eyes
And olive skin, so rare.                                                   

And when I saw those petals lying there
What tugged within
Releasing fragrance, laughter,
Playgrounds, open-air?
Today it was rose petals lying there.
Another day it could be
Seagulls in a seaside square,

A snap at Anglesey
Young riders on their ponies
A kite caught in a tree
Or shrieks from children
At a summer fair
But on this day
I saw those petals lying there.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Born again!

Once upon a time many years ago, my grandma taught me how to knit.   I took to it rather like the proverbial duck to water and knitted from a young age .... I continued knitting for my family and extended families for many years .... and then one day I thought "I've had enough" and I stopped clack-clacking those needles.

But then about 2/3 years ago I was inspired by a book I read to start knitting again but this time I became a rule-breaker, a non-follower of patterns and took to creating things from my own design, with my own choice of yarns and materials and hey presto I became a BORN AGAIN COMPULSIVE KNITTER.

I love to knit now anywhere and everywhere - in the car (not when driving), in the dentist/doctor's waiting room, in the pub, watching TV, reading a book, sitting in the garden  .....

I also love to encourage others to learn how to knit and to be creative themselves ..... PLUS it's so darned therapeutic ....


One of my favourite things, as the song goes,  is creating wallhangings  - I use mostly recycled materials - polythene bags, men's old shirts or old-men's shirts, bedding, string and the like and then I knit hangings that have a theme such as maybe, the seaside, gardens, nature, industry or anything that is desired ....                                                       

New kid on the block!

Well here I am bleary-eyed and bushy tailed having, 11 years into the 21st century, joined the world of Bloggerdom ..... with the help of my young friend James Chapman - photographer and surfer (do check him out).

I have a terrific and on-trend range of knitwear - everything from yummy shrugs, silky fingerless gloves, hats for wintertime, fab headbands and turbans through to nursery rugs and doorstops!

All of these are hand-knitted and designed by me with much loving consideration.

Hope you enjoy hearing from me and checking out my range. Thank you.