Thursday, 28 March 2013

My God is ......

My God is vermillion, violet, magenta
Orange, yellow, green, blue, azure.
My God is all colours.
My God is white as the falling snow.

My God is every lovely, perfect fragrance -
Myrrh, frankincense, mint, cinnamon
Jasmine, honeysuckle, baby's breath,
Roses and fennel and saffron
My God is every brilliant and precious jewel -
Jasper, diamonds, emeralds, lapis lazuli
Garnets, sapphires, rubies, topaz, amethysts
And opals and pearls - sparkling and priceless

My God is each element, the earth, wind and fire
My God is the rain, the rivers, the sea, the stars
The sun, the moon and every grain of sand.
He is the bright morning star
He is the crystal river of life.
My God is the lushest grass
The bluest sky, the highest mountains
The reddest blood, the deepest ocean.
My God is refined gold and lustrous silver.
The strongest iron and the most durable marble.

My God is the vine, the oak tree
The cedar of Lebanon, the ash
The palm and acacia
The chestnut, willow and ebony
The birch and the beech tree
He is the tree of Life
My God is the sweetest fruit
The finest wine
The most spectacular vista
The purest song
The most sumptuous feast
The loveliest flower
My God is the never-ending journey

My God is flesh
My God is spirit
My God is all things
My God is the greatest gift of all gifts.

Meg Marsden copyright

Friday, 1 March 2013

Moon Musings

Moon Musings

The moon looked everso heavy last night
It looked really huge and so round
It looked as though it might possibly fall
And bounce along on the ground
It looked like it shone just for Poynton
No, it looked like it shone just for me
It didn’t seem like a moon far away
But a golden rare fruit on a tree
I thought about stretching my hand right out
To try and to pinch it’s round cheek
 But as I drove along in my auto
It cunningly played hide and seek
One moment was there and then disappeared
The next was a beautiful light
I think I should leave it just where it is
Or should I just take a big bite?

Sky Dressing

Sky dressing

Fold me in your turquoise sky
Wrap me in your gold
On my feet those creamy clouds
I’m never growing old
Charcoal on my fingertips
In my hair some purple streaks
Evening’s scarlet for my lips
Amber locks and widow’s peak
Around my neck fine wisps of white
Upon my lids some silver stars
Lighting up the darkest night
Venus, Jupiter and Mars
Fold me in your turquoise sky
Just look up and watch me fly