Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Smacked Child

The Smacked Child

           She slapped me on the legs that day
                                  For all the world to see
"Spare the rod, spoil the child"
Was what she used to say
Whilst waiting for the bus to come
The No.22A

My legs were pink
My  face was red
My shame was everywhere
Please let the ground
Just open up
Please let me disappear

It's not about the pain you feel
                                                                              It's loss of dignity
                                                                                       It's all about the loss of self
                                                                                      About the loss of

                                                                                        by Meg Marsden

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Ballad of Nigel & Sian

Yeh he was Nige and she was Sian
And yeh she lived at 211
His house was posh
And dad was corporate

Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor

Yeh there was Nigel on the train
And Sian got on there too
She wasn't meant to go that way
The fate of Sian & Nige that day

Coach, carriage, wheelbarrow, mudcart
Yeh she was Sian and he was Nige
Doc Martins, denim, leather
Her house a terrace, his exec
But they just went together

Yeh he loves her
And she loves him
The Jam was up & jumpin'

The parents all met up one night
On velvet sofas all polite
Discuss their kids to keep 'em right
Yeh, yeh, The Kids well they're alright!
Says me, says you, So say The Who

Rich man, poor man, beggarman, thief
Oh first love is bittersweet
The Clash were out there clashin'
And punk was all the fashion

The photo's circa '82
And Nige is there
And me and you 
Yeh he was Nigel, Nigel Tate
Was it chance or was it fate?
He was bright & she was clever
This year, next year, sometime, never

And Siouxsie she was rockin'

Two, four, six, eight
Who do you appreciate
Love is here, love is there
Old love, new love, bittersweet & O so true love
First love, worst love
Love is bloomin' everywhere ....

Yeh he was Nigel
She was Sian
And mum, well she was looking on .....
Yeh, she was simply lookin' on .......