Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Pastures of Musical Dreams
I stood on the brink, teetering a little but
As the flute sounds rose from the keyboard
I looked first to my left, then my right ...

And just as those children at Hamelin did
I followed the music …
At first a little unsure but
Then I started to run and I ran with abandon
Across those pastures, pastures that
Were new to me; pastures that seemed endless
Meadows that were wild and lush.
The violas played, the mysterious percussion instruments,
The violin pulling at me, enticing me
The depths of that cello reaching so deep inside
All drawing together as the tears of joy
Travelled down my cheeks
And watered my soul.
And then I stretched my arms wide
Revelling in my liberty and started to dance
A dance unconstructed, a dance of freedom
A dance as an expression to my Lord
A thank you dance.
Then I was still.
I heard a sound, a quirky, enquiring
Knocking sort of a sound. There came another -
What is that? An exotic yet naïve percussion instrument.
I was now away from The Pasture.
I followed the music obediently 

 It was asking questions?
There were trees; I found myself in the woods
I peered around, looking, enquiring, up, down
Discovering, who’s there? What do you want of me?
Can I help? Everything was new – everything seemed fresh
This seemed interesting, exciting, I think.
Then all the instruments came together
Building, building into a joyous river of music
The keyboard, the strings, the percussion,
The beautiful haunting of the French horn
The chanting voices
The streams, brooks were overflowing
Waterfalls cascaded with a crashing, thunderous sound
The ocean mesmerised me, emptied my mind
As the waves broke on the shore
And the white horses glistened from the sun’s reflection.