Friday, 1 November 2013

4am and dreaming

4am and dreaming

I want to sail on a chocolate ship
Into an ocean of mystery
I want to drown in a thousand sunsets
And float on a cloud in the galaxy

I want to visit a land of dreams
that come true in the blink of an eye
Where black and white, yellow, pink and blue
Are living in harmony

I want, I want, I want, I want
A summer to last forever
I want the snow to be deep and white
Autumn leaves on the ground piled high
The seasons shared in a single day
And the children touching the sky

Give me a land of make believe
Let me float on a tropical sea
Take me away from the daily news
Far, far from reality

I want to be off in a syrupy spiral
That’s spinning in fantasy
Bouncing me off this complex planet
To an imagined simplicity
I want to shed all of my clothes
and dance to the haunting tune
Of a zillion cicada’s tymbals
Thundering under the moon

Come along, come along hold hands round the world
And let’s all embrace one another
Come share the dream of shalom for one day
Mothers, fathers, daughters, sisters, uncles and brother

I want to sail on a chocolate ship ……………….