Thursday, 23 February 2012

Signs of Spring

A primrose hugs the still-cold earth
White doves coo-coo to herald birth
Lambs tails, a-quiver, display their mirth
Whilst willows wince at cold reflection
their long leaves lashed in each direction

God's covenant rainbow arcs once more
The moon turns tide upon the shore
These time-worn signs of ancient lore
Witch-hazel's wood breaks into flowers
And charcoal clouds erupt in showers

All this laid out as nature's tryst
The golden east as catalyst
The sun comes up, the earth is kissed
The biting snow then melts away
The snowdrop blooms on this new day

Meg Marsden

Friday, 10 February 2012

The Big Knit - Jubilee Bunting


Come on now all you closet knitters – we know you’re out there!   So come and join me and our group of creative knitters, The Knit Girls,  in our Jubilee project…

We are aiming to decorate Poynton for the weekend of the Jubilee Celebrations by knitting bunting in the flag colours and we would love you to join us in this …

Either do it at home or wherever or come along to
The Vernon Pub at 8pm on Mondays.   We have a great time knitting everything and anything from sweaters to wallhangings to blankets for Africa and hats for the homeless but we are now starting to roll with this venture and the more the merrier.

We often use wool from charity shops, but Macclesfield Indoor Market is good also
Please do come along and join us.  Whilst knitting and having a glass of wine or soft drink, there is a lot of talking, sharing, laughing and meeting with the local community.

Contact Meg either through Facebook, Blog or 01625 875271

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sick of bein' Sick

Paracetemol & Tyrozets
And Vick the Vapour Rub
Swigging the Covonia
Steaming in the Tub
Balsam Tissues at the ready
Have a nice hot toddy
Apply more lip-balm to dry lips
Oh me ailin' body

But lookin' on the bright side
Whilst lying in me bed
I've got me books and Radio4
And I'm getting fed
Lockets, Tunes and Soothers
Lemon and honey on the shelf
I'm like Boots the bloomin' Chemist shop
Oh how I value health!