Saturday, 24 October 2015

"Vanity" *
And then sweet knight what is a lord's one wish
That I should close my eyes and proffer up a kiss
My scarlet lips as yet unbruised
And chaste as any girl-child
My heavy hair inviting as your favourite filly's mane
And from my yearning skin
My heated pearls entice
And long to rein you in
Upon my virgin-pure embrace
My knowing look may yet deceive
A worldly knight
So gaze upon my portrait
And in your wisdom see
What? An innocent or wanton?
An actress-model for his oils?
The schoolgirl dressed in golden thread?
Or woman of your dreams.
Meg Marsden's poem inspired by the painting "Vanity" by F.C. Cowper

Leaves that polka
amber crisp
low slung sun...

tree tops kissed
ethereal hand of
autumn mist
Natures voices
brooks that babble
wrens and robbins
berry nibble
wagtails, blue tits
start to squabble
Gloves and scarves
pulled from drawers
Sunday walks
on purple moors
squirrels hunt
for hidden stores
Harvest over
death descents
but life's cycle
never ends
from dead seed
New life begins
Photo - grand-daughter Ivy with Murphy one autumn .....

Wednesday, 7 October 2015


When all the angst of yesteryears
In the twinkling of an eye
That's when you come to realise
Just how small you really are
You once were here and then you're gone
So love is all, and all and all
So touch and tell
And live and give
And open up your heart
And smile and hear
Of other's fear
And don't send flowers when it's too late
Do such things now - don't hesitate.
MM/October 2015